Great staff, small classes, and parent involvement form the core of Beechwood School’s success. Teachers and administrators at Beechwood believe that working at the school is more than just a job; it is a commitment to improving the lives of students and lending support to all those within the school community.


Beechwood School, an independent K-8 school serving families from East Palo Alto and the eastern part of Menlo Park is looking to fill the following positions: currently all positions filled.



The current faculty of Beechwood is as culturally and ethnically diverse as its student population. Many of the teachers have credentials or advanced degrees. The faculty is encouraged to explore teaching and learning that will best suit the needs of its students while meeting the state guidelines.

Among the methodology used in the classroom one can find flex grouping, literature circles, centers, thematic instruction, portfolio assessment and the use of manipulatives incorporated. Even though students with severe needs may not qualify for admission, Beechwood School believes in the inclusion of students with limited special needs within the classroom. This is accomplished with the support of the Special Needs Coordinator. All students are provided with the same and equal opportunity to excel. Teachers are a major component of any student study evaluation completed.

Camaraderie among faculty and staff prevails, each giving of their time to assist others and all are willing to work as a team to achieve the goals and objectives of the school. Faculty members enjoy various opportunities to interact as a group outside of the school environment. Beechwood seeks faculty members, dedicated to their profession and to the students they will serve. Candidates must be team players and willing to give of their time and energy “beyond the call of duty”. Additionally, many concepts and outlines of programs and policies developed at the school begin at the faculty and staff level. Candidates must be willing to take an active role in the future vision of the school.

Beechwood’s salaries are competitive and experience valued. Family health coverage is provided; employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance; their contributions to social security are matched; employees contribute to the state disability fund and are encouraged to establish a 403(b) plan for tax-deferred savings. If you are interested in working in a dynamic, warm and challenging environment please contact:

Priscilla Taylor, Principal
Beechwood School
50 Terminal Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025